Martial Arts and Much More

Welcome to CPTKD Academy, the ultimate family martial-arts center in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Taekwondo literally means “the way of the hand and foot” and is the most widely practiced martial-art in the world.

Through our Taekwondo and fitness programs, special events and unique seminars, our students develop physical strength, vitality and discipline. At CPTKD Academy, we strive to create a supportive, fun and nurturing environment to help all our members live a life of harmony, unity and community.



Play Together, Stay Together

At CPTKD Academy, we’ve created a true family center where fitness, fun and personal growth can flourish for all ages.


Learn, Play, Grow, Enjoy

Discover a world of special events, workshops and seminars at CPTKD Academy. Join us to expand your horizons and tap your true potential.


The Journey Begins Here

Join us to discover how Taekwondo and all our programs can offer you and your family the ultimate training for mind, body and spirit.