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August 2018

Happy 7 Year Anniversary CPTKD Family!
We hope you are having a fantastic summer break, spending time with family and friends. Our summer camp has been a blast so far and there are still a few spaces open daily for anyone looking for a fun filled Taekwondo day.
August 1st, 2018 we celebrate our 7 year anniversary at CPTKD and what a journey it’s been so far! To show our appreciation to our CPTKD family, we will be running specials beginning Wednesday August 1st. Discounts on membership, merchandise giveaways as well as special lesson packages will be given away. Please inquire with Master Richard, Richard@cptkd.com for more details.
The first day of our fall semester begins September 10th, 2018. Enrollment information will be sent out over the next couple of weeks so please reserve your spot early as we do have limited space.
Mark your calendars for September 22nd for our Open House. This is a great opportunity to come experience CPTKD with your family and friends. Sample classes will be held during the day along with our very first "Bake and Break" event. We will be having a bake sale to help raise funds for our elite competitors who are traveling internationally this fall including our very own Mr. Christian, our Head Sparring Coach. Kids and adults will love our Breakathon during the day. Everyone loves breaking boards and this is your opportunity to buy as many boards and break with favorite techniques. Details will follow in August emails.
We will also be holding many special events this fall to include Date Nights, October 5th, November 2nd and December 7th. Parents take advantage of this opportunity to drop the kids off from 6pm-9pm allowing parents to enjoy some alone time together. Kids will have dinner with us along with many fun filled activities to keep them busy until pickup time. All funds will go towards our fundraising for our elite competitors. Posters will be up soon of all of our elite competitors so our community gets to know our champions and become inspired!
Lastly, we finally have received approval to begin construction on our new 77th street space! Work will begin at the end of August and we are hoping to open spring 2018. We also are proud to announce another space opening fall 2018 in Delray Beach, Florida! This space will be as beautiful as our NYC spaces and will be the perfect opportunity for vacation training! Located one hour from Miami, Delray Beach is an amazing community in a beautiful environment. We will update regularly now that we have approval for both spaces to begin construction.
We wish you a wonderful August and look forward to celebrating 7 years with you!
Master Teresa Throckmorton, the CPTKD Instructors and Staff
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