Tawkwondo for Kids

  • Pee Pods

    3-4 Years Old

    The journey begins here.
    Kids get a chance to hone basic physical skills, be part of a dynamic group and learn discipline and respect in a fun, safe setting. Our Pee Pod room offers a secure environment before children are ready for classes on the “Big Mat”.

  • Pee Wees

    4-5 Years Old

    This group lets children further develop their gross and fine motor skills in classes that combine discipline with compassion and fun. Most importantly, kids learn to stay focused, persevere and never give up!

  • Children

    6-12 Years Old

    Our programs train children in all areas of Taekwondo from techniques and forms to sparring and self-defense. Along with training in the five tenets of Taekwondo, kids develop physical strength, agility and mental focus.

  • Children

    6-12 Years Old

    Our TKD Sparring class teaches Olympic style fighting techniques in a safe and controlled manor. Poomsae students learn choreographed sequences that develop flexibility, timing and control. The Grappling class is a Brazilian Jiujitsu based program that covers takedowns, escapes and submissions. Grappling students progress through their own unique belt system.

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